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                  Chem-Way Lawn Care is a family owned and local company. We have been in business since 1946. Chem-Way prides itsef as being one of the biggest and best lawn care companies  in Colorado. Our "flagship" program is also called our 5 star program, which is a series of 5 treatments spaced 5-6 weeks apart. You will enjoy the convenience, special discounts, and a phenomenal lawn offered through Chem-Way.
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  1. 5 Star Program
    5 Star Program
    -Season-long balanced feedings(5) -Season-long spurge & crabgrass prevention -Season-long soil conditioning -Special Discounts
  2. Pre-Emergent Lawn Care
    Pre-Emergent Lawn Care
    Two proven pre-emergent products that will provide major prevention/reduction of most species of summer-annual weeds and grasses in non-lawn & rock landscape areas. Can be safely applied right up next to all vegetation. This application MUST be made late February thru late March.
  3. Off-Lawn weed control
    Off-Lawn weed control
    This treatment can be safely applied to all rock areas and up close to all vegetation.
In business since 1946
Our customers trust us to get the job done.
  1. 5 Star Program
    The five star program is broken into five separate applications beginning in March and ending in September. All prices and guarantees are based on your lawn receiving all five of the 5 Star treatments.
  2. Weed Control
    Our weed control can also be set up on a program. This consists of four to five treatments spaced five to seven weeks apart. This will control the weeds for the entire season.
  3. Pre-Emergent
    With the pre-emergent treatment you will really appreciate having a major reduction of your normal weed nuisance for the remainder of the season.