5 Star Lawn Care
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A break down of our various services:

5 Star Program

  1. 1
    Treatment 1
    -Fertilizer -Broad leaf weed control -Pre-Emergent Herbicide -Soil Conditioner
  2. 2
    Treatment 2
    -Fertilizer -Broad leaf weed control -Pre-Emergent Herbicide -Soil Conditioner
  3. 3
    Treatment 3
    -Fertilizer -Broad leaf weed control -Soil conditioner
  4. 4
    Treatment 4
    -Fertilizer -Broad leaf weed control -Soil Conditioner
  5. 5
    Treatment 5
    -Fertilizer(Winterizer) -Broad leaf weed control -Soil Conditioner
Grub Prevention 
This product is applied 5-6 weeks prior to the hatch of the larvae, early-mid June. Once you recieve the grub prevent Chem-Way will stand behind any grub worm applications if needed for the remainder of the year. 
FULL!!-The pre-emergent is applied mid-February through the middle of March. We have combined two proven pre-emergent products that will provide major  prevention/reduction   of most species of summer-annual weeds and grasses in your non-lawn & rock landscape areas. This treatment can be safely applied right up next to established trees, shrubs, and other perennials. 
Weed and Grass Control
This product is applied starting the first part of April. It is a contact killer and will kill all weeds that are present the day we spray, it will not prevent new weeds from sprouting. This can be set up as a one time spray or we offer a program where we come out every 5-7 weeks and spray weeds as needed. 
Disease Application
Lawns may experience a variety of diseases, but most of these diseases can be controlled with treatments. Please call us if you feel your lawn may be suffering from a disease. We will come evaluate your lawn and let you know the next steps needed to protect and treat your lawn.